Confirmed 2019 Audition Dates

The dates of auditions for August 2019 entry are as follows:


S1: Wednesday 13th February (1st round)
S1: Saturday 9th March (2nd round)

S2: Monday 18th February (1st round)
S2: Tuesday 5th March (2nd round)

S3: Tuesday 19th February (1st round)
S3: Tuesday 5th March (2nd round)

S4: Tuesday 19th February (1st round)
S4: Tuesday 5th March (2nd round)

S5: Monday 18th February (1st round)
S5: Monday 4th March (2nd round)


Preparatory Theatre (S3)

Saturday 9th March (1st round)
TBC (2nd round)


Musical Theatre (S5)

Wednesday 13th February (1st round A)
Thursday 14th February (1st round B)
Friday 16th February (1st round C)
Monday 25th March (2nd round)