Dance School Exterior

The students of the Dance School of Scotland benefit from some of the best facilities in Scotland:

5 Purpose-built dance studios

  • Sprung floorsStudio 2&3
  • Harlequin dance floor
  • Full-length mirrors
  • Barres
  • Pianos in all studios
  • Integrated sound systems
  • Flat-screen monitors
  • Studios 2 & 3 can be opened up to make a large 15m x 12m studio
  • Theatrical lighting rig in Studio 2 allows it to be used as a performance space, with space in adjoining Studio 3 for seating
  • Further smaller 6th studio in the residency is also used during the school day

Drama room

  • Piano

Physiotherapy room

Gyro Room

Gyrotonic room

2 specialist gyrotonic machines (sessions provided by fully qualified instructors)

Music Practice Area

3 further music practice rooms in the residency are also used during the school day

Changing Rooms

5 changing rooms provide facilities for over 100 pupils

Costume Store 

  • Thousands of costumes in our costume store, many of which have been donated by or purchased from professional companies. Any costumes that are further required are obtained by the school, at no cost to the parent/carer, through professional channels. 

Studio 1
Studio 1

Studio 5
Studio 5

Studio 2&3
Studio 2&3

A costume cupboard

Costumes from “The Snowman”

Changing Room
Changing Room