Preparatory Theatre Course

Entering at S3, the main aims are to nurture and develop the artistic and creative skills in the three key areas of drama, dance and singing in preparation for the S5 Musical Theatre Course, whilst building the technical understanding of the young, developing pupil.


Over the two years the pupils will focus on classes in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, National and Creative Movement.


Pupils gain basic technical skills in voice, movement, characterisation, improvisation and storytelling.


Through this crucial period in their vocal development, the pupils will be nurtured and developed through their classes, working on solo and ensemble repertoire from a large variety of styles. This will build musicality, vocal and aural confidence and most importantly technical awareness.


In Term 3, the PTC students have their own Showcase “Moving Forward”.

In addition to their academic classes, National 5 Dance is taken in S3, Higher Dance is taken in S4.


The Preparatory Course Audition


The panel consists of a member from each of the three key disciplines of Drama, Singing, and Dance and is chaired by the Artistic Director.

Auditions for the 2023 – 2024 academic year will take place on TBC.

Final auditions will take place on TBC.

The Artistic Director and DHT meet with all parents prior to start of audition for an information session on Knightswood Secondary School and The Preparatory Theatre Course.


Phase 1 – Drama Class

Each candidate will be sent with audition information pack a copy of a set text, which they are asked to prepare. The drama class, through a series of games and improvisations, is based on the set text.

Phase 2 – Dance/Movement Class

The candidates participate in a structured dance class, building from warm up exercises to a short, basic routine. A series of stretching exercises are given to check flexibility, and body alignment.

Phase 3 – Singing Class

A series of technical exercises and vocal games are used. This is followed by the class being taught two, short contrasting songs. The candidates sing both as an ensemble and in a solo capacity.

Final Recall Audition

The format for the final audition is the same as the first audition including a brief interview. Each candidate will undergo a physiotherapy and medical check to assess suitability for the training programme. Academic information will be requested from the candidate’s school.