Welcome to the Dance School of Scotland.

The Dance School of Scotland provides both expert vocational training and a full academic curriculum for aspiring young performers from S1 – S6. The school proudly serves as a Centre of Excellence in Scotland and both the Dance and Musical Theatre courses are fully funded by the government.

“Here at the Dance School of Scotland we guide and nurture the young people into reaching their potential as both artists, performers and people. Our dance course is classically based with an accompaniment of other dance disciplines and this provides the dancers with a breadth of knowledge and highly skilled versatility. These important attributes prepare the young people for the next step on their career pathway.”

Kenn Burke, Artistic Director of Dance

“Watching our students develop, mature and blossom artistically and move on from us with a sense of purpose, fills the staff and myself with great pride. Also, having the knowledge that so many have found success across the globe performing, directing, choreographing and teaching, as well as the many who have changed careers with that sense of purpose, is a wonderful achievement for both its graduates and the school.”

Graham Dickie MBE, Artistic Director of Musical Theatre

A unique institution, the Dance School of Scotland continually dedicates itself to nurturing and developing talented young aspiring dance and musical theater students. We are proud of the standards we achieve and the reputation we uphold. 

“The quality of young people’s learning in the Dance School of Scotland is outstanding.”

HMIe Report, January 2015 – View full report here.